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"If you want to get an idea across, wrap it up as a person." - Ralph Bunche

Digital Sabbath is a film production company by filmmaker Kyle Sawyer and producer Taylor Jones. They made their first film together in high school – shot on DV tape and edited in iMovie. In the years since, Taylor Jones founded Dear Photograph, a blog-turned-published book that led to partnerships with Universal Pictures, Focus Features, and AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. Taylor has also produced photo & video content for Apple Music, Travel Alberta, and The Junos, among others.

Meanwhile, Kyle kept to the moving pictures and has made award-winning films that have screened at festivals around the world, and went on to find distribution on streaming platforms like PrimeVideo, SofyTV and Samsung Europe. Kyle’s cinematography work has taken him across Canada and abroad, shooting television, documentary, and commercial content.

14 years after that first film, they partner again as Digital Sabbath, a film and commercial production vehicle that brings their years of storytelling experience to Waterloo Region and the world.